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Controlled Environments Limited
Chief Technology Officer

Founded in 1964 by the Kroft family, Controlled Environments Limited (CEL) is headquartered in Winnipeg, MB. CEL comprises Conviron Canada, Conviron USA, Conviron Europe and Conviron Australasia. CEL also includes Argus Controls, one of the leading suppliers of plant-centric environmental controls and automation systems used in greenhouse and indoor growing facilities.

As a global supplier of plant growth equipment and technology, CEL has never felt a greater sense of responsibility to its global clients and the work they do to feed the world and improve human health. The company’s technology is being used in more than 90 countries to address the critical challenges of food shortage, food security and climate change.

In this newly created role, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for the overall technology platform development of the CEL Group (Conviron and Argus) with a focus on control systems. This person will be instrumental in assessing options for the next platform including hardware and software tools. Additionally, the CTO will be pursuing increased user functionality through the timely and regular creation and release of various applications to enhance client experience while generating new forms of recurring revenue for the business.

It is a dynamic time, both inside the business and across the markets – Emerging technologies, facilitated mainly through the advent of wireless sensors for data collection, coupled with the advancement of machine-learning to correlate crop outcomes to environmental data, will place this person front and centre in A.I. development.  The CTO will envision market opportunities, guide a strong senior management team towards continued product growth and diversification, and help capitalize on global market opportunities. Effective communication and strong collaboration with corporate peers across CEL will be required to optimize the allocation of collective resources and to leverage organizational strengths and capacity. Building, inspiring and coaching a dedicated team, including third-party contractors, will also be critical to the overall success of this position.

The CTO plays a crucial role both within CEL as well as across the controlled environment sector and as such is a recognized technology leader and influencer with a track record of building better functionality and performance into client solutions. A big picture thinker, they can distill a vision down into practical applications and support a team in fulfilling that vision. The CTO brings a strong network of industry contacts to CEL and has proven success developing successful innovation roadmaps for leading organizations.

A confident communicator, the CTO is comfortable and skilled at presenting to a wide range of audiences, and brings expert knowledge of software development, hardware development, sensor technologies and data utilization. In addition, they are a skilled leader who has experience inspiring and managing professional teams, providing coaching, support and development opportunities that will enable the organization to thrive.

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