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Durwest Construction Management

Durwest Construction Management Inc. (Durwest) is an award-winning, Victoria-based firm specializing in Project Management and Construction Management. Established in 1979, Durwest evolved into full-time construction management in 1983 and since that time nearly all projects have been delivered under the construction management model. It works exclusively in construction and project management and does not typically undertake any general contracting or trade contracting work. Durwest is dedicated to managing the complex process of project delivery through commitment, control, leadership, and attention to detail, to maximize value for each client’s development. The result is a thorough understanding and focus on the management principles necessary to successfully deliver projects under the common mandate of budget, schedule, and program.

Responsible for the overall growth and development of the company through the crafting of its strategic direction, the President is Durwest’s visionary. Leading a group of passionate and motivated senior leaders to ensure Durwest’s vision and mission is sustained, the President will establish long and short-term goals while fostering an efficient, responsible, and effective organization. The incumbent will create an environment that stimulates the morale, creativity, and productivity of its leaders, which then supports a positive and productive work culture for all employees. The President will reinforce Durwest’s existing reputation in the industry by being an active ambassador in the communities Durwest does business in and additionally, utilize key performance indicators to ensure the organization is on track and positioned for growth and development, all while maintaining a strong focus on its core values. The President will report bi-monthly to an Advisory Board.

The ideal candidate will bring an empowering, humble, and supportive leadership style combined with sound technical know-how developed through a construction-related field or industrial setting, where budgets, quality of product, and customer service are of paramount importance. This individual will be entrepreneurial in spirit and possess a broad understanding of all business functions, with a key focus on operations, marketing, risk management, finance, business development, and talent management.

The President will be a collaborative and communicative leader, ensuring team members are engaged and focused on common goals. They will demonstrate an ability to lead an organization that is values-based and be known for embracing innovative ideas and creative solutions. Accustomed to overseeing large teams across multiple sites, the incoming President will implement and refine systems, processes, and procedures to ensure delivery of unparalleled results, not only for Durwest’s bottom line, but for its clients and team members as well. They will lead by example, encouraging an authentic and innovative approach amongst all levels of the organization to ensure the continued growth and success of the company.

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