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Greenfield Produce & Kin's Farm Market
VP, Supply Chain Operations

Kin’s has been providing fresh and healthy produce into our communities since 1987. From day one to present, it is a family-run business that has evolved into one of the largest pure play produce retailers in North America. Greenfield Produce LTD. (Greenfield) is the procurement and distribution arm of Kin’s.

 Our dream is to build a vibrant future for people and our communities by promoting healthy eating, physical fitness, mental wellness, and medical support. We want to work with like-minded individuals who want to help bring this to life.

The Vice President, Supply Chain Operations (VP) is a newly created role which will be a key strategic contributor within Kin’s group of companies. While the VP’s main responsibility will be for Procurement, Distribution, and Logistics and Warehousing, they will routinely collaborate with all aspects of the business to be a catalyst for growth, innovation and continued improvement, all while maintaining Greenfield Produce and Kin’s Farm Market’s core values and mission.

The VP will be leaned on and empowered to creatively advance Greenfield to new heights, and will work with the COO to strategize and implement initiatives to achieve growth targets and accelerate the realization of the company’s vision of enriching the quality and longevity of Canadian lives. Kin’s Farm Market’s dream is to propel Canadian life expectancy to the highest in the world so that those in our communities can spend more time with who and what they love most. To achieve this lofty ambition, the organization needs to extend its reach further, rapidly increase its revenues and profitability to have more deployable resources for its cause, and discover more imaginative ways to inspire healthier lifestyles through its platform.

This role is ideal for an individual who deeply wants to provide a positive and lasting impact to society, who has the drive, creativity, and track record of profitably growing and scaling up business units, and who values humility, empathy, and working closely with others to make continuous improvement.

As the ideal candidate, you are an ambitious and creative professional who has worked in a complex grocery environment with a diverse customer group. You have played a broad leadership role, contributing to company-wide strategy, mentoring teams and implementing procedures to achieve greater efficiencies. On top of this, you bring a customer mindset and a collaborative approach, working closely and respectfully with the warehouse, distribution and procurement teams as well as the entire organization.

You are a leader, example setter, and culture bearer. You uplift and elevate others to heights beyond even what you imagined yourself capable of. You will be a KINSman who helps the organization build a legacy everyone can be proud of.

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