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LGM Financial Services
Vice President, Product Marketing

Since 1998, LGM Financial Services Inc. (“LGM”) has provided ethical and innovative products and services for the automotive sector and its programs are branded by many of the leading Canadian automakers. Products include extended warranty, credit insurance, wear protection, vehicle loss/loyalty programs, sales training, and information management services backed by training programs.

Title: Vice President, Product Marketing

Company: LGM Financial Services

Business Address: 1021 West Hastings Street – Suite 400 – Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3

Location Address: 1021 West Hastings Street – Suite 400 – Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3

Term: Full-time Permanent Position

Language required: English

Salary: CAN$170,000 – CAD$200,000 plus up to 20% Bonus

Benefits: Benefits will include BC MSP coverage, extended medical, dental, Group RRSP, disability, critical illness, life insurance, employee and family assistance plan, wellness allowance, and learning & development.

Vacation: Starts at 20 days per year

Position Responsibilities

The Vice President, Product Marketing (VP) provides profitable product innovation and market strategies that are essential for advancing LGM’s strategic goals. In response to the company’s continued growth, transformation and success, the VP needs to engage in multi-directional dialogue with OEMs from time to time, form deep connections with insurance partners and the market, and lead the development and enhancement of existing and new product lines. The VP mandate centres around two key areas: Product Development and Marketing & Communications.

  • Brings subject matter expertise and obtains a thorough understanding of existing LGM product lines.
  • Builds a robust roadmap to review current products (50-60 variations) and makes decisions concerning upgrading, overhauling or eliminating existing offerings.
  • Manages a pipeline of product development initiatives to ensure LGM’s superiority in the market. Anticipates needs of the market and keeps products resonating for consumers.
  • Utilizes project management practices to ensure successful launches of new products. Increases time to market.
  • Enhances LGM’s product integration by enriching products with information and offering solutions that help solve customers’ problems.
  • Develops and manages operating and capital budgets relating to LGM’s product marketing needs to meet strategic goals with measurable value.
  • Creates a highly engaged division within the organization. Provides immediate and constructive feedback, mentorship, guidance and leadership to the team (10-15 employees). Identifies opportunities for growth and development. Encourages innovative thinking.
  • Puts an effective structure in place and ensures the department is capable of keeping up with and driving growth. Keeps the company ahead of the curve with respect to risk, technology and innovation.
  • Prepares and implements policies, procedures and standards relating to the product life-cycle and marketing systems.
  • Researches and evaluates new marketing and digital strategies to ensure sales enablement.
  • Negotiates service level agreements with both internal and external customers and service providers, and monitors service delivery to ensure the agreed targets and standards are met.
  • Develops and maintains data analytics capabilities to maximize the efficacy of internal and market data.
  • Establishes metrics for the measurement of marketing program effectiveness.
  • Gathers and analyzes market data to become an expert on B2B customers and their purchasing criteria. Meets with the OEMs on a regular basis and interacts with insurance providers from time to time.
  • Obtains ‘Voice of the Consumer’ information from the front lines and updates the Executive management on emerging trends.


  • University degree, preferably in Marketing or related field.
  • Experience developing products, formulating sales and marketing tools, executing and taking those products to market. Future-oriented with the ability to predict what products will be like down the road. Ensures consumers are guided into those products which best fit their needs and lifestyle.
  • Will have built a myriad of insurance products and fully understands consumer attraction/desires to make those products effective.
  • Risk and underwriting knowledge.
  • Automotive experience and pricing/data analytics are definite assets.

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