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Metro Vancouver
Executive Director, Regional Economic Prosperity

Metro Vancouver is a federation of 21 municipalities, one Electoral Area and one Treaty First Nation that collaboratively plans for and delivers regional-scale services. Regional Economic Prosperity is a new service of Metro Vancouver organized to advance shared economic prosperity, livability and sustainability in Canada’s Pacific Gateway. With a focus on attracting strategic investment that generates significant economic, employment, environmental and community benefits that improve the long-term competitiveness of the region, the Regional Economic Prosperity service will work in collaboration with key stakeholders including member jurisdictions of Metro Vancouver, First Nations, key regional stakeholders as well as federal and provincial ministries and agencies active in investment attraction. The result is a comprehensive, customized service for companies wishing to conduct business in a vibrant expanding region with a strong and talented workforce in one of the world’s most livable regions.

With unprecedented times shaping all aspects of our economic policy and drivers, there is a critical need for collaboration and intelligent stewardship of strategic investment to the Metro Vancouver Region. Metro Vancouver understands the economic diversity of the Lower Mainland and as such has created the Regional Economic Prosperity service and is looking for an Executive Director to lead this unique entity. The Executive Director will be charged with developing, advocating for and implementing the Regional Economic Prosperity Business Plan, and will be accountable for a range of matters including maintaining effective relationships with regional economic development agencies, and fostering collaboration with stakeholders such as the Regional Economic Prosperity Advisory Committee (REPAC), Invest in Canada, Western Economic Diversification and the BC Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness. The Executive Director will utilize research and data to attract strategic investment in the region through identifying and targeting strategic partners and marketing the value proposition for investment in the region.

The Executive Director will bring a proven track record of collaborating with a variety of diverse partners and constituents to achieve mutually beneficial goals, and will be seen as credible, influential and strategic. Paramount to the Executive Director’s success will be the ability to clearly communicate and articulate expectations, priorities, and deliverables to ensure accurate and timely achievement of strategic goals, and to gain support throughout the region. The Executive Director will have a solid working understanding of the policy and infrastructure levers that support economic growth and will bring an ability to manage organizational changes, anticipate future events and identify opportunities to ensure an efficient use of resources.

As a superior relationship builder, the Executive Director brings an entrepreneurial approach, confident and approachable demeanor, and demonstrated success achieving and exceeding results through people, innovation and technology. Ideally, the Executive Director understands the complexity of working in a multi-constituent environment and excels at bringing partners into the fold to achieve shared objectives.

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