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Sacha Investments Ltd.
Chief Real Estate Investment Officer

Sacha Investments Ltd. (“Sacha”) is a newly created, for-profit, mission-driven real estate investment advisory firm that recognizes the powerful role real estate can play in furthering the social and economic gains within the communities in which it invests and beyond. Sacha – which means “Land” in Tibetan – will partner with developers, land holders, not-for-profit organizations and others to support investment that pursues a deeper alignment of capital and values. Sacha is committed to a new paradigm of conducting business – one that is committed to using resources to make a difference in the health, happiness and sustainability of our communities and our world – and doing it in a new way.

This is an incredible opportunity to create a new real estate investment advisory firm and a portfolio that will manifest positive changes for many, especially those who most need them. The Chief Real Estate Investment Officer will establish the Sacha office and work closely with the lead investor and an Investment Committee to identify and analyze opportunities that align with Sacha’s investment philosophy. As the leader of this start-up operation, they will need to establish Sacha’s internal culture and external presence – from building a team and creating an office, to developing the relationships that will further Sacha’s goals. They will connect with potential project and development partners such as First Nations governments, not-for-profit partners, institutions, cooperatives, and others. The Chief Real Estate Investment Officer will work on investment strategies and will use their vast network to identify real estate opportunities and lead the execution of projects, including public-private-partnership opportunities.

As the ideal candidate, you are an experienced real estate professional who has a demonstratable track record in building and executing on an investment strategy that provides fiscal, social and environment benefits. You understand all aspects of the investment and development process and are skilled at working in partnership with a wide range of entities to move projects forward. You are a team player who can roll up your sleeves and dive into the work, and ideally you have the capacity to move an entity from start-up to operations. You can establish an open and collaborative internal culture. You have an established network for contacts in the sector and are known for your interpersonal skills and ability to present to and work with a diversity of audiences. A track record in social investment is an asset, and a demonstration of a career that is driven by values that are aligned with Sacha’s is a must.

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