May 27, 2020

Relocating Back to Canada – Tips for Finding an Executive Position Back Home

By PFM Search

Last week Allan Nichols, CEO of The Canadian Expat asked PFM Partner, Shaun Carpenter, to provide his insights for Canadians abroad that may be looking to move home. The interview addresses some of the obstacles and perceived risks Canadians face in their job search after living and working overseas for several years.

If you are an executive looking to move back home to Canada, PFM Partner Shaun Carpenter has 6 tips to optimize your success:

  1. Address the cost of moving. If you are willing to incur the cost of moving yourself, be clear and upfront about this. Include in your Cover Letter that you are not opposed to paying for your own relocation.
  2. Be clear of your citizenship. Indicating your Canadian citizenship in your CV or Cover Letter will also help eliminate the perceived time delay of hiring you over a local candidate.
  3. Do not assume Canadians will be familiar with the overseas organizations you worked for. Provide a detailed summary outlining the size, annual revenue, business focus, ownership, geographical span and reporting structure. This allows for anyone reading your CV to make comparisons to Canadian companies and see how your experience aligns.
  4. Do not limit your CV to one page. The one-page rule is a myth. Being too brief on your CV may not give a full picutre of your experience.
  5. Do your research. Find out who the major Executive Search players are in the region you would like to work and reach out, make a personal connection. Submit your CV and be clear on your objectives and timeframe.
  6. Do more research. Look into companies in the industries you are most interested in. Understand who they are, who’s on the executive teams, and where you might bring the most value. When you’re asked about which companies are on your radar, it will be clear you have done your research.

You can watch the entire interview here: