Sep 17, 2019

PFM Team Hosts Shoreline Clean Up

By PFM Search

PFM Executive Search strives to make an impact at the community level by supporting a diversity of organizations that make a difference. In August 2019, as part of our Summer Social Impact Initiative, the PFM staff partnered with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup to host a workplace cleanup at Devonian Harbour Park to make it a little cleaner and greener. Devonian Harbour Park is nestled between Stanley Park and Coal Harbour and offers many peaceful seating areas. It is very much enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

PFM staff, children, and significant others were delighted to contribute to the beautification of an area so close to our homes. At the end of the cleanup, we were proud to have picked up 13 pounds of trash, including items such as cigarette butts, coffee cups and lots of little pieces of paper and plastic, which could have easily ended up in our waterways.

The Great Canadian Shoreline cleanup started in 1994 when Vancouver Aquarium employees and volunteers decided to protect the city’s shorelines by cleaning up a beach in Stanley Park. Since 1994 there have been over 21 300 cleanups that have collected over 1.3 million kg of rubbish from across Canada’s shorelines. Over 800 000 volunteers have led and participated in cleanups, and PFM is proud to add itself to that number.